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Code of Ethics & Practice Standards

Agrologists and agricultural technologists have an obligation to conduct all business in an ethical manner, and share a moral and legal responsibility to protect the public interest, other members and the profession of agrology.

The profession demands and holds members accountable for integrity, competence and objectivity in their conduct as they fulfill their professional responsibilities to the public, the employer/client, the profession and other agrologists.

Professional Obligations to the Public

Responsibility to the Employer/Client

Responsibility to the Profession

Responsibility to Other Members of the Institute


Practice Standards
as found in SIA Regulatory Bylaws – Schedule A

The Institute provides minimum general practice standards with which all members must comply. More specific practice standards are available for certain areas of agrology. Members practicing in the areas of agrology affected by more specific practice standards must additionally comply with those standards.


Practice standards represent a minimum level of performance that the SIA uses to evaluate the activities of its members. Practice standards are developed to:

Essential Competencies

These competencies are derived from the Code of Ethics and broadly define the minimum expectations for members. All members shall:


Competency in Area of Practice


Other Resources

For a detailed explaination of these ethical responsibilities, or what it means to be a professional, view these other resources:

Concerned About the Conduct or Competency of a Member

If you are concerned about the conduct or competency of a member or individual practicing Agrology without a license, a formal complaints process is available. The complaints process is part of the process by which the Institute protects the public from the unauthorized or unprofessional practice of Agrology.


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