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The Institute is represented by several representatives and committee members.


U of R Senate Rep Blair McClinton PAg 306-551-0680
U of S Senate Rep Stuart Garven PAg 306-227-4485
Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) Rep David McKerchar PAg 306-250-7472
Agriculture Hall of Fame Rep Brian Sim, PAg (Ret) 306-280-2040
Agrologists Agronomes Canada Valerie Pearson PAg 306-242-2606





Provincial Committees

STANDING Committees

The following committees are currently active at the provincial level:

Executive Committee

  1. Managing and directing the ordinary affairs of, the Institute by the provisions and established policies of the Institute and the Act & Bylaws.
  2. Oversee human resources of the Institute.
  3. General duties assigned by the Council.

       Committee Members

Dwayne Summach PAg  (Chair) Matthew Braun PAg 
Dale Smart PAg  Valerie Pearson, PAg (Ex-Officio)

Finance & Audit Committee

  1. Reviews financial controls.
  2. Reviews expenditures and revenue projections comparative to actuals.

Committee Members

Dwayne Summac PAg  (Chair) Dale Smart PAg 
Jaime Cobler TechAg  Valerie Pearson, PAg (Ex-Officio)
  Annette Horvath (Ex-Officio)

Governance Committee

  1. Reviews and makes suggestions regarding the Institute's policies and procedures to the Council.

Committee Members

Bob Tyler PAg (Chair) Valerie Pearson PAg (Ex-Officio)
Amy Grindheim TechAg Tim Nerbas PAg

Branch Presidents Committee

  1. Meets via conference call within one week of each council meeting.
  2. Acts as the advisory committee to the Annual Convention.
  3. Serves as the selection committee for Honours & Awards.

Committee Members

Dwayne Summach PAg (chair) Blaine Forsberg AAg
Tom King PAg Jenn Jelinski AAg
Chelsea Kehrig PAg Karlah Rudolph PAg
Sherri Roberts PAg   

Act & Bylaws Committee

  1. Guides the development of the Agrologists Act, Bylaws & Policies.

       Committee Members

David McKerchar PAg (Chair) Shathi Fardausi PAg
Laurie Hayes PAg  Bob Tyler PAg
Sandra Shiels PAg Bryce Lewans (MoA Observer)
Avens Dawson PAg Valerie Pearson PAg (Ex-Officio)
Samantha French PAg  

Admissions & Registration Committee

  1. Receives applications for membership in the Institute.
  2. Accepts applicants for membership and assigns an articling period to be served, providing the application fulfills all the prerequisites.

       Committee Members

Dale Smart PAg (Chair) Jessica Pratchler PAg
Bruce Coulman PAg  Matthew Braun PAg
Fran Walley PAg Jill Turner PAg
Lorence Peterson, PAg Patricia Anderson (Ex-Officio)
Valerie Pearson, PAg (Ex-Officio)  

 Professionalism & Ethics Committee

  1. Coordinating the course with the articling members. 
  2. Grading completed exams.
  3. Ensuring relevance of course.

       Committee Members

Sandra Shiels PAg (Chief Examiner - Chair) Valerie Pearson PAg (Ex-Officio)
Juanita Allin PAg Patricia Anderson (Ex-Officio)
Dave Cubbon PAg  
David McKerchar PAg  


Professional Conduct Committee

  1. Examines cases of breach of ethics or conduct by members.
  2. Recommends if a hearing by the Discipline Committee is necessary.

       Roster of Committee Members

Michael Champion PAg (Chair) Paul McAllister PAg
Pat Flaten PAg  Laurie Hayes PAg 

Discipline Committee

  1. Hears cases of breach of ethics or conduct by members.
  2. Assigns disciplinary action where appropriate.

       Roster of Committee Members

John Spencer PAg (Chair) George Lewko PAg
Rick Lindsay (Public Representative) Jim Zemluk PAg
Karen Dow PAg Brian Rossnagel PAg (Ret)
Doug Fehr PAg Shannon Ruzesky PAg
Keith Head PAg  

 Nominations Committee

  1. Supervises the nominations and election of the President-Elect, AT Rep and Farmer Rep
  2. Supervises meeting procedures, the election of officers, and appointments of committee members at Provincial Council and annual general meetings.

      Committee Members

Dwayne Summach PAg (Chair)
Valerie Pearson PAg (Ex-Officio)

ad hoc committees

Practice Standards Committee

       Committee Members

David McKerchar PAg Dan Trottier PAg (AIA)
Raymond Leblanc (OAQ) Fran Walley PAg
Karen Dow PAg Valerie Pearson PAg (Ex-Officio)
Graham Scoles PAg  

HISTORIC Committees

The following committees are utilized on an ad hoc basis at the provincial level:
Honours & Awards Committee
  1. Determines members worthy of the Institute's prestigious awards.
  2. Reviews nomination applications and supporting documents for awards.
  3. Selects award recipients
The following committees' functions have been distributed to the Branch Presidents Committee, Council or the provincial operations team:

Articling Program Committee
Function of the Provincial Office, Admissions & Registration Committee and Professionalism & Ethics Committee

  1. Coordinates the articling program with the branches.
  2. Coordinates articling milestones to provide articling members with a comprehensive introduction to the role of the Institute and responsibilities and ethics of all members.

Education Committee

The function of the Provincial Office

  1. Ensures that continuing professional development courses are available to registered members.
  2. Confers with the Professional Conduct Committee on matters of professional standards related to education.
  3. Reviews the technical program proposed for the annual meeting.
  4. Examines Agrology related post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.
  5. Reviews training opportunities for Technologists and others employed in the profession of Agrology.
  6. Reviews the program of College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan.

Issues Committee
The function of the Provincial Office

  1. Responds to requests to develop a position on any issue relating to the agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment sectors.
  2. Develops a position and discussion papers as required and appropriate.

Professional Development & Standards Committee
The function of the Provincial Office

  1. Encourages and assists members to conform to the Code of Ethics.
  2. Maintains watch on all matters pertaining to the maintenance and improvement of standards in Agrology.
  3. Confers with the education committee on improving standards of the profession.
  4. Maintains watch on Agrology related employment postings.
  5. Maintains watch on information being provided to the public.
  6. Reviews the technical program proposed for the annual meeting.
Public Awareness & Communications Committee
The function of the Provincial Office
  1. Publicizes the profession of Agrology, as per the aims and objectives of the Institute.
  2. Prepares advertisements, articles and press releases for branch events, branch scholarships, and the annual convention.
  3. Prepares press releases regarding the contributions of individual members.
Student Relations Committee
The function of the Provincial Office
  1. Promotes the Institute at Agrology related post-secondary schools, through scholarships, club associations, etc.
  2. Coordinates the Student Affiliate Membership program. 

Policies & Procedures Committee
The function of the Governance Committee

  1. Guides the development of internal policies and procedures.


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