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Professional Liability Insurance


All professionals, including agrologists, are being held to higher and higher standards of conduct. This is partly driven by an increase in the number of lawsuits and monetary awards from the courts against those rendering professional services.

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To counteract this liability, professionals in law, engineering, medicine, agrology, and other professions commonly carry both General Liability and Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) Insurance.

Regardless of how careful or diligent a professional may be, there is nothing to prevent someone from taking legal action, even if the grounds of the action may appear frivolous and without merit. Court costs will incur, whether an action is successful or not, and they are expensive. Insurance for these events will enable professionals to conduct business with peace of mind, knowing there is protection from economic catastrophe.

Discounted Group Insurance Packages for Members

As an added service to members, the Institute has negotiated a member affinity program with Cherry Insurance to include a customizable discounted Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance package. All registered practicing agrologists are eligible to obtain group rates on Errors and Omissions insurance packages designed specifically for agrologists.

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COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY (CGL) INSURANCE covers property damage or bodily injury to others, should you become legally obligated to pay damages awarded by the courts. These policies are relatively easy to obtain and have fairly standard coverage and rates. However, there is no coverage for actions brought forward due to the rendering, or failing to render, “professional services.”

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS (E&O) INSURANCE is designed to pick up where the CGL ends, as it protects professionals from awards granted, due to negligent acts, errors or omissions, arising out of their performance of professional services. While there are some exclusions, these policies have very broad coverage and allow freedom to ‘do the job’ without fear of financial ruin. Cherry Insurance offers E & O coverage specific to the requirements to agrologists.

Registration Provides License Not Insurance

Registration with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists provides agrologists with an annual licence to practice. It does not provide registered members with Liability or Errors & Omissions Insurance. Members should be aware of both CGL and E&O insurance policy options to fully protect themselves.

For Information and to Apply for this SIA Member Affinity Program

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