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2018 SIA Convention & AGM - Pillars of Agrology: Water for All

April 11, 2018 Afternoon Workshop Session

Download Full Workshop Report 

Water for All - a Regional Overview

Chris DeBeer, PhD - Download Presentation

Doug Johnson - Download Presentation

Flooding and Drainage in Saskatchewan

Lloyd Martin, PEng - Download Presentation

Pascal Badiou, PhD - Download Presentation

Jian Liu, PhD - Download Presentation

Going Forward - Water and Agrology

Cecil Nagy, MSc - Download Presentation

Kelly Farden, PAg - Download Presentation

Julie Mackenzie, PAg - Download Presentation


2017 SIA Convention & AGM - Sustainability: The Role of Agrologists

Case studies on professionalism & Ethics

John Spencer, PAgDownload the Presentation

Best Practices of other regulatory associations

Bob McDonald, PEng, MBA, LLB - Download the Presentation

Lynsay Nair, LPNDownload the Presentation

Judy Currie, VPM - Download the Presentation

Best practices for achieving compliance

Vince Bruni-BossioDownload the Presentation

innovation & Sustainability today

Katherine Stewart, PhDDownload the Presentation

Owen Olfert, PhD - Download the Presentation

Rachel & Chris BuhlerDownload the Presentation

sustainability in the future

Randy JaneDownload the Presentation


2016 SIA Convention & AGM

Expanding agrology: balancing agriculture and the environment

Taylor Peck, PAgDownload the Presentation

Ken Greer, PAgDownload the Presentation

social license & agrology

Sharla Hordenchuk - Download the Presentation

Tom Harrison, PAgDownload the Presentation

Mike Raine - Download the Presentation

social license & agrology

Michael Champion, PAg - Download the Presentation

Tom Jensen, PhD, PAgDownload the Presentation

2014 Agrology Adaptation Convention

Challenging Industry Misconceptions

Pierre Desrochers, PhD
Pierre Desrochers is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Toronto. His main areas of expertise include regional development, technological innovation, business-environment interactions and energy and food policy. He is the author of a number of books, peer-reviewed articles, policy briefs and newspaper columns on these and other topics.

Site Assessment & New Environmental Code

Jeff Paterson, PEng
Currently, Jeff is focused on the new environmental code ensuring quality assurance and control. He coordinates technical, research and administrative support for the various code committees as well as the legislative approval processes. Jeff also assists clients and staff in understanding the code.

Mark Tinney
Mark Tinney is a compliance auditor with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Prior to joining the Ministry of Environment, Mark led teams of environmental auditors conducting audits of military establishments across Canada checking for compliance with environmental legislation, codes and standards as well as conformance with the military’s environmental policies and directives.

2014 Agrology Update Seminars

This Tractor Drives Itself
Where is technology heading?  Like other industries, automation - driverless technology - is emerging in the agricultural sector.

Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson is the Vice President of Design for Autonomous Tractor Corporation whose mission is to help farmers work more efficiently. Over his career, Terry has served in the US air force and developed various control systems.


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