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News: Faces of Agrology - January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists is pleased to welcome new members and congratulate members who have fulfilled the articling milestones necessary to achieve full status. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Institute growing and vibrant. The Faces of AGrology also reports changes in member status during the l

Period: January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Changes in Branch Membership

  Jan 1/15 - Mar 31/15
Northeast Branch + 6
Northwest Branch + 5
Regina Branch + 9
Saskatoon Branch  +27
Southwest Branch +1
Yorkton Branch + 4
At Large Members +5
Total Change +57

Approved Applications & Requests

  New Reinstate Transfer In Transfer Out Dual Leave of Absence
AAg  29 3  0  0 0  4
AAT  2  0  1 0  0  2
PAg 5 5 1  2  7  19
AT  1  0 1  0  3  1
Total  37 8  3 0 10  26

Articling Agrologists (AAg) - New

Name Employer
 Sarah Derksen, AAg  Wade & Kara Annand
 Kevin Seaman, AAg Ag-Vision Seeds Ltd
Philip Gyug, AAg Summit Liability Solutions
Kumar Dinesh, AAg Federated Co-operatives Ltd
Patrick Legg, AAg WSP
Kelsey Burton, AAg KARE Ag Services Ltd
Laura Procyshyn, AAg Buffalo Head Environmental
Janine Heinrich, AAg Moose Jaw River Water SHed 
Dave Hemphill, AAg Mettle Holdings Ltd
Jodi Christopher, AAg Richardson Pioneer
Braden Schmidt, AAg Ducks Unlimited
Barbara Ziesman, AAg Government of Saskatchewan
Matthew Bernard, AAg Bayer CropScience
Muhammad Chragh, AAg DL Seeds Inc
Javan Fisher, AAg Golder Associates
Jocelyn Howery, AAg Canada North Environmental Services
Gazali Issah, AAg Western Applied Research Corporation
Abdul Karim, AAg Emerge Ag Solutions
Erica Kovach, AAg ICMS
Stephanie Lepage, AAg Bayer CropScience
Brianna Lummerding, AAg Cargill
Leanna Mehmal, AAg Central Plains Co-op
Augustine Osei, AAg N/A
Md Shayeb Shahariar, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Dongyan Song, AAg Bioriginal Food & Science Corp
Christine Stadnyk, AAg Stantec's Consutling Ltd
Naomi Stumborg, AAg AREVA Resources
Corbin Tindall, AAg Monsanto
Sarah Stewart-Rogers, AAg Blair's Family of Companies

Articling Agricultural Technologists (AAT) - New

Name Employer
Bailey Wagman, AT Meadow Lake Co-op Service Centre
Sarah Story, AT Self Employed

 Professional Agrologists (PAg) - New

Name Employer
Alana Robertson, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Tawhidur Rahman, PAg Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Jennifer Nielsen, PAg Good Lands Environmental
Shilow Bennett, PAg CWB Prairie West Terminal
Cara Drury, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - New

Name Employer
Shane Weboweski, AT Bayer CropScience

 Articling Agrologist (AAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Ben McEwen, AAg Seed Hawk
Patricia Soloducha, AAg Prince Albert Exhibition
Nathan Trowell, AAg Self Employed

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Robert Evans, PAg Self Employed
Blaine Davey, PAg Self Employed
Jill Debenham, PAg Echelon Ag/CPS
Sarah Anderson, PAg G-Mac's Ag Team Inc
Hallie Roy, PAg Matrix Solutions

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - TRansfer in

Name Employer
Robert Grant, PAg RBC Royal Bank

 Agricultural TechnologiSt (at) - TRansfer in

Name Employer
Jonathon Chalmers, AT Hometown Co-op

articling Agricultural TechnologiSt (aAt) - TRansfer in

Name Employer
Angel Hewson, AAT Cargill

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - TRansfer OUT

Barbara Larson, PAg
Ryan McCann, PAg

Professional AgRologists (PAg) - Dual

Name Employer
Robert Brogan, PAg AECOM
Martin Larson, PAg Marila Environmental Inc
Rhena Semeniuk, PAg Trace Associates Inc
Lori Truba, PAg Matrix Solutions
Brad Macnab, PAg Contract-Husky
Caryn MAnn, PAg Summit Liability Solutions
Coelton Dayle, PAg Matrix Solutions

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - Dual

Name Employer
Kristie Dales, AT Canterra Seeds
Hather Hutton, AT Newalta Corporation
Matthew Reiner, AT Hylife Ltd

articling agrologists (AAg) - Leave of Absence

Name Employer
Akindamola Awujoola, AAg N/A
Nikki Gannon Weiss, AAg Farm Credit
Travis Brisebois, AAg Bayer CropScience 
Meghan Kelly, AAg WESCO

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Jennifer Bogdan, PAg Crop Production Services
Leah Fedoruk, PAg N/A
Tariq Makhdoom, PAg Impact Security
Joel Mowchenko, PAg Self Employed
Adrienne Hanson, PAg Upper Souris Watershed Association
Karl Beaulieu, PAg N/A
Lisa Taylor, PAg N/A
Garth Lipinski, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Andrea Schmidt, PAg Crop Production Services
Lori Truba, PAg Matrix Solutions
Bryce Coates, PAg Self Employed
Tiffany Martinka, PAg Monsanto
Faith Martin, PAg Crop Production Services
Marcy Hiduk, PAg Richardson Pioneer
Jessica Podhordeski, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Howard Love, PAg Self Employed 
Jenny Calow, PAg Consultant
Kristina Polziehn, PAg Consultant
Josee Saquet, PAg Bayer CropScience

articling Agricultural TEchnologists (AAT) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Coreen Langford, AAT Matrix Solutions
Kate Herauf, AAT SK Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural TEchnologists (AT) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Ben Gagnon, AT SweetGrass Consulting

 retired Members

Name Employer
Charles Brown, PAg (Ret) Provincial Council of ADD Boards
Neil Currie, PAg (Ret) City of Medicine Hat
Douglas Billett, PAg (Ret) SK Ministry of Agriculture
Leroy Bader, PAg (Ret) SK Ministry of Agriculture
Greg Stewart, PAg (Ret) Farm Credit



Posted: April 28, 2015

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