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News: Workshop/Consultation: SK Flood and Natural Hazard Risk Assessment

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Government Relations is undertaking an assessment of natural hazard risks to our communities, infrastructure and economy.  Natural hazards such as floods, fires and drought cause serious impacts and affect people’s lives.  The intensity, duration, frequency and variability of these risks are changing, and forcing people and industry to adapt.  The goal of this work is to better understand how Saskatchewan can strengthen its capacity and resiliency to cope with natural disasters.

The assessment will be completed by a consultant team led by the Saskatchewan Research Council.  An important component of their work is to gather data from key agencies, including provincial ministries, to identify the range of known disaster risks and existing mitigation measures. The work also requires gathering data from a wide range of stakeholders with natural disaster experience and local knowledge, and gathering data from specific sectors with expertise on how natural disasters affect social, economic and environmental interests.

We request your help and invite you (or your representative) to participate in one of six regional stakeholder workshops.  You have specific knowledge and expertise of how natural disasters affect your sector, your jurisdiction, your social communities, and your local infrastructure, economy and environment.  You also have specific knowledge of local disaster preparedness capacity, what is working, and what may need to be improved to mitigate risks and impacts.

Please advise your interest and commitment to attend one of the workshops.  We are planning for each workshop to include a mix of local stakeholders and some targeted subject matter experts.  Your specific natural disaster experience and local knowledge are essential data for this work. If you are not able to attend but are interested in providing input, a questionnaire is available upon request.

Stakeholder Workshop Dates (Time: 9:00 - 16:00; full day attendance is requested; lunch provided):

May 31 – Yorkton                   June 1 – Saskatoon

June 14 – Prince Albert         June 15 - La Ronge

Jun 20 – Swift Current           June 21 – Regina

Please identify who will attend, and note which workshop date/location.  Email no later than April 21, 2017, so we can finalize planning.  A confirmation email to attendees will be sent out in May, along with the location details and background information.  Thank you.


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Posted: April 12, 2017

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