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News: 2017 First Year Research Experience

First Year Experience (FYRE) at the U of S
A showcase of innovative ideas from future agrologists

On Monday, December 4th the College of Agriculture and Bioresources hosted their annual FYRE Poster Competition. Over 400 students participated in an event that fosters research-based learning.

A big thank you goes out to Lyse Boisvert, PAg (pictured right) for attending as SIA's representative on the 14 person judging panel.

The judges did not have an easy job as the field of research was incredibly diverse and the commitment to research was exceptional. There were nine winners who each received a $200 tuition credit, sponsored by SIA.






Complete list of Winners

Endophytes in Cannabis are a promising biocontrol agent to help eliminate reliance on pesticides
Michael Benko

The effects of no-till on carbon sequestration
Declan Cameron

Seizing Caesium: Phytoextraction of Caesium from Soil by Brassicaceae Family
Kelly Christopher

Coffee Agroforestry Systems
Julia De Candido

Leguminous green manure can greatly increase soil nitrogen and crop yield in corn/maize and cereals
Justin Delver

Row Spacing: an Essential Yield and Water Usage Efficiency Maximizer in Spring Wheat
Brayden Fraser

The Effects of Summerfallow, No-Till, and Crop Residue on Soil Carbon Sequestration
Joshua McBride

The Effect of Inoculation Timing of Mycosphaerella pinodes on Disease Severity in Pisum sativum L.
Amanda Mitchell

The production benefits of non-structural carbohydrate accumulation in afternoon cut alfalfa
Courtney Sahulka

Meadow Brome Grass Suitability on the Prairies
Elizabeth Shirley

Impacts pulse crops have on subsequent crops when introduced into crop rotation
Quinn Sturby













Posted: December 8, 2017

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