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News: Faces of Agrology - Jan 1, 2018 to Mar 31, 2018

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists is pleased to welcome both new members and also to congratulate members who have fulfilled the articling milestones necessary to achieve full status. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Institute growing and vibrant. The Faces of Agrology also reports changes in member status during the Period: Jan 1, 2018 - Mar 31, 2018, including those going on leave of absence, retiring, transfers in and out, dual members and those reinstating from leave of absence and retirement, etc.

Changes in Branch Membership

  Jan 1/18 - Mar 31/18
Northeast Branch +8
Northwest Branch +3
Regina Branch +9
Saskatoon Branch +30
Southwest Branch +11
Yorkton Branch +5
At Large Members +3
Total Change 69

Approved Applications & Requests

  New Reinstate Transfer In Transfer Out Dual Leave of Absence
AAg 24 2 1 1 0 13
AAT 5 1 1 1 0 3
PAg 14 12 3 0 3 27
AT 3 0 0 0 0 1
Total 46 15 5 0 3 44

Articling Agrologists (AAg) - New

Name Employer
Michelle Beaith, AAg SaskFlax
Brooklyn Carberry, AAg Bayer
Erin Cote, AAg Monsanto BioAg
Dawson Detwiller, AAg Bayer CropScience
Katelyn Gaetz, AAg Farmers Edge
Kelleen Haliuk, AAg Bayer CropScience
Alissa Hildebrand, AAg Agri-Care International
Natasha Hirschfeld, AAg Ministry of Environment
Shelby Kaczur, AAg SAMA
Nicholas Kreutzwieser, AAg Water Security Agency
Blaine Lamontagne, AAg Nachurs Alpine Solutions
Catherine Lang, AAg Blairs Family of Companies
Mark Lustig, AAg Synergy Ag
Jonathan Neustaeter, AAg Crop Production Services
Eduardo Pina Romero, AAg North West Terminal Ltd
Dayton Potter, AAg SWT
Austen Preete, AAg Richardson Pioneer
Dana Riley, AAg Western Sales
Joshua Sanden, AAg BASF
Michele Simili Da Silva, AAg WBDC - PAMI/ U of S
Kenten Ullyott, AAg Bayer CropScience
Cierra Wallington, AAg Old Wives Watershed Association
Brodie Welsh, AAg Bayer CropScience
Laurel Zelensky, AAg Zelensky Farms Ltd

Articling Agrologist (aAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Emmanuel Omole, AAg Cargill
Amy Sayer, AAg Crop Production Services

Articling Agrologists (AAg) - Transfer In

Name Employer
Reid Urbanowski, AAg Unemployed

Articling agrologists (AAg) - Transfer out

Corbin Tindall, AAg

Professional Agrologists (PAg) - New

Name Employer
Kelsey Burton, PAg ProSoils
Tawnya Campbell, PAg SCIC
Jennifer Ellis, PAg AgGrow Consulting
Morgan Gray, PAg Monsanto
Jared Jessiman, PAg G-Mac's AgTeam
Bo Langer, PAg Farmers Edge Canada
Brianna Lummerding, PAg Crop Production Services
Kenneth Saretxky, PAg Monsanto
Brandon Smith, PAg Crop Consultant
Clayton Stenhouse, PAg Buffalo Head Env Ltd
Teresa Wahl, PAg Federated Co-operatives Ltd
Taylor Wallace, PAg Veikle Agro Inc
Michael Wilmot, PAg Buffalo Head Environmental

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Leah Clark, PAg Govt of Saskatchewan
Daphne Cruise, PAg Govt of Saskatchewan
Nicole Darroch, PAg SAMA
Katie Donahue, PAg Rack Petroleum
Robyn Henry, PAg BASF
Nicole Leisle, PAg Leisle Ag Ltd
Jones McLeod-Jones Brynn
Deneen Reed, PAg SAMA
Gina Sentes, PAg Blair's Fertilizer
Silvernagle Melissa, PAg Cargill Prairie Malt
Jessica Smith, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Colleen Vany, PAg DowDupont Canada

Professional Agrologists (PAg) - Dual

Name Employer
Burton Cosgrove, PAg Equilibrium Env Inc
Carli Costall, PAg Northwind Land REsources Inc
David Struthers, PAg VAST Resource Solutions Inc

Professional Agrologists (PAg) - Transfer In

Name Employer
Tyler Gullen, PAg Bayer CropScience
Patel Rahulkumar, PAg Shaunavon Co-op Association Ltd
Andrew Urzada, PAg Summit Liability Solutions Inc


Name Employer
Scott Barr, AAT Bayer Crop Science
Donna Cowie, AAT Ridgeline Canada
Lisa Klemmer, AAT Cargill
Cagen Wilkinson, AAT Shark Consulting
Chad Yanchycki, AAT Bayer Crop Science


Name Employer
Devin Harlick, AAT Pioneer Co-op


Name Employer
Barrett Stang, AAT SaskEnergy


James Knight, AAT


Name Employer
Tanner Martens, AT Turtleford & District Co-op
Jaclyn Medvid, AT Richardson Pioneer
Maegan Britton, AT SK Crop Insurance Corp

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Leave Date
Kunal Arya, PAg January 3, 2018
Kristina Kuervers, PAg January 3, 2018 
Diana Sambrook-Tosczak, PAg January 3, 2018
Blake Kohls, PAg January 4, 2018
Joel Bird, PAg January 8, 2018
Stacy Spenst, PAg January 8, 2018
Faith Martin, PAg January 10, 2018
Clinton Ringdal, PAg January 10, 2018
Chelsey Siemens, PAg January 10, 2018
Terry - Lynn Quadri, PAg January 12, 2018
Brent Zelensky, PAg January 12, 2018
Jared Nagy, PAg January 13, 2018
Kelly Seymour, PAg January 13, 2018
Ashley Buyer, PAg January 15, 2018
Yan Zhang, PAg January 15, 2018
Andrea Astleford, PAg January 18, 2018
Crystal Clarke, PAg January 19, 2018
Jason Herzog, PAg January 19, 2018
Stefanie Freilinger, PAg January 22, 2018
Michael Gerhardt, PAg January 23, 2018
Daniel Schmeiser, PAg January 23, 2018
Morgan Leigh, PAg January 31, 2018
Chantelle Weiss, PAg February 1, 2018
Jeremy Lang, PAg February 2, 2018
Amber Kelly, PAg February 6, 2018
Patricia Huber, PAg February 15, 2018
Suzanne Frigon, PAg February 16, 2018

ARTICLING Agricultural technologists (AAT) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Leave Date
Angel Hewson, AAT January 9, 2018
Rayelle Schamber-Brown, AAT January 23, 2018
David Ewen, AAT February 17, 2018

Agricultural technologists (AT) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Leave Date
Kristie Dales, AT February 16, 2018

Articling agrologists (AAg) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Leave Date
Jasmin Engelberts, AAg January 10, 2018
Vanessa Fogal, AAg January 12, 2018
Anna Theresa Altura, AAg January 15, 2018
Kris Ewen, AAg January 16, 2018
Mindy Neufeldt, AAg January 17, 2018
Alan J Lawrence, AAg Janaury 19, 2018
Jackie MacDonald, AAg January 31, 2018
Hasan Ahmed, AAg February 1, 2018
Hafiz Faizan Ahmed, AAg February 5, 2018
Colin Dutcheshen, AAg February 9, 2018
Jennifer Barrett, AAg February 13, 2018
Alexis Adams, AAg March 2, 2018
Brent Adnam, AAg March 21, 2018


Posted: April 5, 2018

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