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News: Faces of Agrology - October 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists is pleased to welcome new members and congratulate members who have fulfilled the articling milestones necessary to achieve full status. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Institute growing and vibrant.

Period: October 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014

Changes in Branch Membership

  Oct 1/14 - Dec 31/14
Northeast Branch  6
Northwest Branch  5
Regina Branch 13
Saskatoon Branch  30
Southwest Branch 5
Yorkton Branch  2
At Large Members  6
Total Change 67

Approved Applications & Requests

  New Reinstate Transfer In Transfer Out Dual Leave of Absence
AAg 27  1  0  1  0 8
AAT 3  0  0  3  2  0
PAg  11  11  4  7  5  26
AT  3  0  0 1  0  2
Total  44 12 4  12 7  36

Articling Agrologists (AAg) - New

Name Employer
Mitchell Bind, AAg Growplan Fertilizers
Mathew Vercaigne, AAg Western Applied Research Corporation
Nicole Aubin, AAg G-Mac's Ag Team Inc
Arisha Moen, AAg Crop Production Services
Alecia Remmen, AAg Blair's Family of Companies
Katelyn Thibault, AAg The Rack
Kelsey Henderson, AAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Abdul Hakeem, AAg Texas A&M Agrilife
Kelly Tiller, AAg Syngenta
Lyse Boisvert, AAg Ducks Unlimited Canada
Michelle Nordick, AAg ALS Environmental Lab
Katrina Delaquis, AAg Pioneer
Charlotte Gayler, AAg Self Employed
Jessica Pratchler, AAg NorthEast Agriculture Research Foundation
Meagan Reed, AAg Syngenta
Kimberly Russel, AAg Wendland Ag
Hema Duddu, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Morgan Gray, AAg Wendland Ag Services
Cory Jacob, AAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Braden Neuls, AAg Growers International Organic Sales
Cody Northam, AAg Cropmax Consulting Inc
Elizaveta Petelina, AAg SK Research Council
Lei Ren, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Katherine Stanley, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Frida Takang, AAg Cameco Corporation
Hu Wang, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Jamie Holdstock, AAg Old Wives Watershed

Articling Agricultural Technologists (AAT) - New

Name Employer
Heather Kelly, AAT Parrish & Heimbecker
Traci Geremia, AAT Bayer Crop Science
Kurtis Butler, AAT  Millennium Land Ltd

 Professional Agrologists (PAg) - New

Name Employer
Erin Matlock, PAg Agracity Crop & Nutrition
Victoria Anderson, PAg Bayer Crop Science
Todd Gallais, PAg Best Cooking Pulses
Jose Pablo Rivas, PAg CWS Logistics
Stacey Sagon, PAg Parriah & Heimbecker
Alison Sawka, PAg SK Assessment Management Agency
Sarah Couch, PAg Grassland Environmental Inc
Christiane Catellier, PAg Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation
Candace Piper, PAg  Canada North Environmetal Service
Aaron Hacke, PAg Crop PRoduction Service
Tyler Bullin, PAg SK Crop Insurance Corporation

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - New

Name Employer
Robert Retzleff, AT Golder Associates
Michelle Keck, AT Peterson Grain
Mike Cholin, AT W3M Land Management Inc

 Articling Agrologist (AAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Narasimha Bandla, AAg Crop Production Services

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Karen Trenholm-Boyle, PAg WSP
Rhea Galeschuk, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Marcel Dubois, PAg Self Employed
Dale Domres, PAg Self Employed
Kristin Sedgwick, PAg Farm Credit
Denise Reese, PAg Agro Plus Sales & Services
Ferryn Slater, PAg Summit Liability Solutions
Daphne Cruise, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
William Grruel, PAg Govenrment of Saskatchewan
Brad Bly, PAg Ag-West Bio
Tom Wolf, PAg Agrimetrix Research & Training

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - TRansfer in

Name Employer
Matthew Braun, PAg The Nature Conservancy of Canada
Sunday Ovemurai, PAg Agracity
Obioha Durunna, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Morgan Hobin, PAg University of Saskatchewan

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - TRansfer OUT

John Bandor, PAg Parrish & Heimbecker
Denise Reese, PAg Agro Plus Sales & Service
Barbara Larson, PAg Self Employed
Kenneth Sapford, PAg University of Saskatchewan
Simon North, PAg N/A
Trent Sloan, PAg Crop Production Services
Lyle Depauw, PAg Cargill

Professional Agrologist (AAg) - TRansfer OUT

Name Employer
Laryssa Grenkow, AAg Western Applied Research

Professional Agrologist (AAT) - TRansfer OUT

David Mcaulay, AAT Parrish & Heimbecker
Shane Thomas, AAT G Macs Ag Team
Alexandra Pissens, AAT Western Ag

Professional Agrologist (At) - TRansfer OUT

Name Employer
Luoise Sorensen, AT G Macs Ag Team

Professional AgRologists (PAg) - Dual

Name Employer
Anita McCartney, PAg Matrix Solutions
Todd Schauer, PAg Hemisphere Land & Resource Consulting
Jim Purves, PAg North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc
Sheri Young, PAg Abandonrite
Vanessa Hands, PAg Ridgeline Canada Inc

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - Dual

Name Employer
Breann Lamnek, AT X-Terra Environmental Consulting
Kelli Albrecht, AT Husky Energy

articling agrologists (AAg) - Leave of Absence

Name Employer
Kristin Somerville, AAg Heartland Health Region
Albert Ugochuwu, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Md Habibullah Bahar, AAg Agriculture & Agri-Foods
Ahmad Esmaeili Taheri, AAg 7-Eleven
Brian Ochieng, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Ashley Labrecque, AAg Maxquip
Saleem Sandhu, AAg City of Prince Albert
Elizabeth Jahnke, AAg Pioneer Co-op

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Gordon Blackmore, PAg MNP LLP
Timothy Blum, PAg Can North Environmental Services
Tara Sample, PAg TransGas
Michael Czemeres, PAg RBC
Adelagunja Adekunle, PAg SIAST
Amanda MCarther, PAg Crop Production Services
Bradley Korbo, PAg N/A
Kim Boyer, PAg Klohn Crippen Berger
Qamaruddin Lund, PAg University of Saskatchewan
Maqsood Butt, PAg N/A
Karen Trenholm -Boyle WSP
James Gorman, PAg SK Crop Insurance
Sharon Bucsis, PAg N/A
Brian Olson, PAg N/A
Carol Baillargeon, PAg Camcar Enterprises
Shelagh Steckler, PAg Novozymes BioAg
Michael Hoehne, PAg Wendland Ag
Chelsea Grimard, PAg The Rack
Shahzad Ahmad, PAg 7-Eleven
Laurel McBride, PAg N/A
Cheryl Thesen, PAg Kinder Morgan
Dale Bonke, PAg N/A
Charlotte Ward, PAg SK Ministry of Agriculture
Daryl Nazar, PAg N/A
Diana Sambrook, PAg SAMA
Bodhinayake Waduwawatte, PAg Environmental Consultants

Agricultural TEchnologists (AT) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Lexie Adamson, AT Western Sales
Blaine Tomolak, AT N/A

 Deceased Members

 Name Employer
Aaron Bouchard, PAg Syngenta
Stephen Burkell, PAg N/A
Grant McLean, PAg N/A
Terrance Tollefson, PAg N/A


Posted: January 1, 2015

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