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News: Faces of Agrology - July 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists is pleased to welcome new members and congratulate members who have fulfilled the articling milestones necessary to achieve full status. Thanks to everyone for keeping the Institute growing and vibrant. The Faces of Agrology also reports changes in member status during the Period: July 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015, including those going on leave of absence, retiring, transfers in and out, dual members and those reinstating from leave of absence and retirement, etc.

Changes in Branch Membership

  Jul 1/15 - Sept 30/15
Northeast Branch +8
Northwest Branch +6
Regina Branch +19
Saskatoon Branch +29
Southwest Branch +6
Yorkton Branch +6
At Large Members +3
Total Change 77

Approved Applications & Requests

  New Reinstate Transfer In Transfer Out Dual Leave of Absence
AAg 27 0 0 0 0 0
AAT 10 0 0 0 0 0
PAg 19 9 1 1 3 8
AT 1 3 0 0 3 0
Total 57 12 1 1 6 8

Articling Agrologists (AAg) - New

Name Employer
Alexis Adams, AAg University of Sakatchewan
Richard Baah, AAg Syngenta
Katie Bacon, AAg Precision Ag Services
Vishnuvardhan Banda, AAg Syngenta
Brendan Bloski, AAg Bayer CropScience
Jesse Bond, AAg G-Mac's AgTeam
Megan Bjerland, AAg Pioneer Co-op
Amanda Czemeres, AAg Blairs McLean
Kelsey Dale, AAg Stoller Enterprises
Jacqueline Gilroyed, AAg Meadow Lake Co-op
Alynn Hagstrom, AAg Richardson Pioneer
Shaheen Halsey, AAg Ministry of Agriculture
Lori Hrywkiw, AAg Unemployed
Sarah Johnson, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Kali Kasper, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Alex Kerr, AAg Western Sales
Jill Martens, AAg G-Mac's AgTeam
Julie McGill, AAg Blair's Family of Companies
Janna Moats, AAg O&T Farms Ltd
Shanna Orloski, AAg Unemployed
Darin Richman, AAg University of Saskatchewan
Megan Rosso, AAg Farmers Edge
Kelsey Seidle, AAg Stantec
Adam Sheppard, AAg Rack Petroleum
Bradon Smith, AAg CropPro Consulting
Christopher Vancaeseele, AAg Cory Willness
Jessica Weber, AAg Western Applied Research Coporation

Articling Agricultural Technologists (AAT) - New

Name Employer
Ashley Berezowski, AAT Ducks Unlimited
Kayla Gross, AAT Pioneer Co-op
Taylor Heck, AAT G-Mac's AgTeam
Curtis Kangas, AAT Parrish & Heimbecker
Megan Kemp, AAT Parrish & Heimbecker
Nolan Kinzie, AAT Self Employed
Regan Neilson, AAT IQ Micro Formulators
Brittany Nickel, AAT Pioneer Co-op
Laura Shoemaker, AAT BASF
Jennifer Zarowny, AAT SK Crop Insurance

 Professional Agrologists (PAg) - New

Name Employer
Kelsey Biro, PAg Aylsham Agro
Earl Bohachewski, PAg G-MAc's AgTeam
Jillian Brown, PAg Northland Agronomy
Andrea De Roo University of Saskatchewan
Katelyn Duncan, PAg Western Ag
Bryce Ehman, PAg Parrish & Heimbecker
Michael Fitzsimmons, PAg Environment Canada
Jimmi-Lee Jackson, PAg Aylsham Agro
Erin Karppienen, PAg University of Saskatchewan
Ashley Lundgren, PAg SaskPower
Shannon Lueke, PAg MNP LLP
Tanya Olson, PAg Farm Credit
Janelle Oshowy, PAg SK Crop Insurance
Andrew Rempel, PAg Government of Saskatchewan
Landon Robertson, PAg Saskatoon Co-op Agro
Rebecca Sernick, PAg Buffalo Head Environment
Sara Shymko, PAg Agriculture in the Classroom
Albert Ugochukwu, PAg University of Saskatchewan
Ken Wall, PAg AAFC

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - New

Name Employer
Coreen Langford, AT Unemployed

Professional Agrologist (PAg) - Reinstatement

Name Employer
Crystal Clarke, PAg TransCanada Organic
Chantal Jacobs, PAg Ministry of Agriculture
Bradley Korbo, PAg SAMA
Rachel Kraynick, PAg Ministry of Agriculture
Reed Deneen, PAg SAMA
Tara Sample, PAg TransGas
Gina Sentes, PAg Blairs Fertilizer
Chantelle Weiss, PAg Syngenta
Natasha Wilkie, PAg Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - reinstatement

Name Employer
Lexie Adamson, AT CWB Prairie West Terminal
Joyce Barlarge, AT Lake Lenore Cooperatives Ltd
Sherri-Ann Hanley, AT MNP LLP

Professional AgRologists (PAg) - Dual

Name Employer
Timothy Chidlaw, PAg Perspective Environmental
Ashton Parkin, PAg Remediation Consulting Group
Kyle Schure, PAg Farmers Edge

Agricultural Technologists (AT) - Dual

Name Employer
Ashley Carruthers, AT 1648780 Alberta Ltd
D'Arcy White, AT Strata Environmental Ltd
Quentin Wright, AT Navus Environmental Inc

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Transfer In

Name Employer
Anna Grishnich, PAg Self Employed

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Transfer out

Name Employer
John Ian McNeil, PAg N/A

Professional agrologists (PAg) - Leave of AbsencE

Name Employer
Tanesha Abrahamson, PAg SAMA
Jeneen Burnett, PAg Richardson Pioneer
Ashley Hancock, PAg Prairie Plant Systems
Jasmine Kotylak, PAg Matrix Solutions
Jin Li, PAg Cargill
Kristin Sedgwick, PAg Farm Credit
Dana Singbeil, PAg Pioneer Co-op
Logan Williams, PAg Co-op Feeds




Posted: October 8, 2015

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