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How to Register

Streams of Membership

All new applicants applying to the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists must first go through an Articling Program as an Articling Agrologist or an Articling Technical Agrologist before qualifying to apply for a Professional Agrologist (PAg) designation or an Technical Agrologist (TechAg) designation.


Articling Agrologist

Articling Technical Agrologist

A 4-year, 120 credit degree from a recognized university with a total of 60 credits (20 courses) in agrology-type (agriculture, food, agribusiness or environmental science) courses or as approved by the Admissions & Registration Committee.

Diploma or Degree in Agrology from a school or college with at least 40 credits in Agrology related courses (agriculture, food, agribusiness or environmental science) or as approved by the Admissions & Registration Committee.


Minimum Requirements for Admission of a Non-Agrology Type Degree
(Such as Biology, Environmental Science, Geography etc.)

Types of Course

Number of Credits

Number of Courses

Foundational or natural science or Foundational in economics and agri-business



Junior AgBio classes (100-200 level)



Senior AgBio classes (300-400 level)



English, writing or communications



Math, calculus or statistics



Economics, micro or macroeconomics



Open Electives






Application Process

All individuals who wish to register with the Institute, whether domestically or internationally educated, must go through the same process with some minor differences.

Step 1: Submit an Articling Member Application
Complete the Articling Member Application, which includes:

Applicants who received their education outside of Canada are encouraged to use the following resources:

*Applicants who received education outside of Canada are required to submit an international education course-by-course evaluation. If you have pursued an Undergraduate, Masters or Doctorate at the University of Saskatchewan or University of Regina you are NOT required to submit a course-by-course assessment.


Step 2: Review & Decision
When the application documents have been received for the Articling Program the Admissions & Registration Committee (A&R) will review the file. The A&R committee meets every 4-6 weeks and the applicant will be notified via email of the decision.

Step 3: Complete Articling Milestones
Once registered articling members (both AAgs and ATechAgs) must complete the articling milestones, using the Articling Program Checklist to track the milestones completed. This includes completing and reporting three years of work experience relevant to their academic background and declared practice areas.

Step 4: Submit a Full Member Request
When the articling milestones are completed, including reporting three years of relevant experience in the declared scope of practice, members can apply for the Full Member Request, which includes:


Executive Admissions Application
Who Should Use this Form?

Executive Admission applies to professionals who have the appropriate training to be eligible for full membership. The Executive Admission Program allows qualified individuals in senior positions with at least 12 years practice experience  to move through the articling program at an accelerated rate. Instead of the standard articling milestones, Executive Applicants agree to participate in an "orientation to agrology" seminar and to the all membership duties and responsibilities, before receiving their full membership.

Professionals must have a minimum of 12 years’ agrology related professional practice and hold a senior management position in government or industry or an educational teaching/research position. [See Print Application Package] or continue to the Executive Admission Application Form.

Application Fees

Annual Registration Fees (Including Pro-Rated Fees)

All registration fees for the next calendar year are due on or before Dec. 31 of the current year.

Certification / License

  1. Professional Agrologist (PAg) - Licence to Practice
  2. Technical Agrologist (TechAg) - Restricted Licence to Practice
  3. Articling Agrologist - Licence to Practice
  4. Articling Technical Agrologist - Restricted Licence to Practice

Conditions of Practice

Other Resources

Previously Registered with Another Institute?
Applicants currently registered with another Institute of Agrology may choose to either:

Contact Information

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