Announcements and Important Information

Registration is now open for the SIA 2024 Convention & AGM

On March 20 and 21, more than 250 agrologists from across Saskatchewan will gather online to enjoy a variety of innovative presentations discussing the current issues related to agrology in Saskatchewan. The annual event brings together professionals from the agricultural, food, bioresources, and environmental sectors.

This year’s event will take place virtually. The line-up of speakers are:

  • Linda Gorim, University of Alberta
  • Leah Clark PAg, Water Security Agency
  • Anne McIntosh, University of Alberta
  • Barbara Cade Menum, Government of Canada Research Centre
  • Sven Anders, University of Alberta
  • Jen Beverly, University of Alberta
  • Bart Lardner PAg, USask, College of Agriculture & Bioresources
  • Danny Blair, University of Winnipeg

For details, visit the SIA Website.