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#29, 1501 8th Street E
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5J6

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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA)?

The SIA is the provincial body that registers practicing agrologists and provides an annual licence to practice. SIA regulates agrologists for competent and ethical practice in the same manner as other Institutes regulate professional engineers (PEng), charte red accountants (CPA), physicians (MD), lawyers, etc – with the mandate to protect the public interest established under The Agrologists Act.

Who should register with SIA?

Who should register with the SIA? The Agrologists Act requires persons both qualified and practicing agrology in the Province of Saskatchewan be registered with the SIA and pay an annual fee for a license to practice. The purpose of the legislation is to protect the public interest by ensuring those practicing are qualified and follow the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.

Do memberships expire?

Yes, memberships expire annually on December 31st. Your membership can be renewed online. If your membership expires, you will no longer be eligibly to practice Agrology in Saskatchewan.



Why should I register?

Before starting a new job in Agrology, you must apply for the Articling Agrolgoist Program with the SIA.

The first step to becoming a Professional Agrologist (PAg) or Technical Agrologist (TechAg)is to register and complete the articling program.

The Province of Saskatchewan recognizes professionals in agriculture, food and related environment areas are important to ensuring the health and safety of the agriculture and food supply chain including the natural resource base that supports the supply chain.

Registered agrologists can be expected and relied upon to act professionally, competently and ethically, and always in the public’s best interest

Before Starting a Job in Agrology

If you intend to start employment in the practice of agrology, you must apply for registration with the SIA prior to employment or, at the very least, on the first day of employment. Those who fail to apply for registration while engaging in the practice of agrology will be subject to fines and penalties.

About the Program

What is the Articling Program?

When entering the profession of agrology, individuals must complete a three-year articling program and finish a variety of milestones before being eligible for registration as a full member. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the individual’s understanding of professional practice and the ethical obligations of public service.

Streams of Membership

Articling Agrologist
A four-year, 120 credit degree from USASK College of Agriculture& Bioresources (or an equivalent program).

Articling Technical Agrologist
A diploma in agriculture from USASK College of Agriculture &Bioresources (or an equivalent program).

Application Process
  • Visit Registrations page
  • Create an account
  • Complete the application
  • Upload a copy of your resume
  • Upload a scanned copy of your diploma or degree
  • Pay the application fee ($200)
  • Request your official transcripts be mailed to:
    Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologist
    #29, 1501 – 8th Street E.
    SK S7H 5J
Applying for the Program

New applicants are encouraged to start the application process before starting their first job as an agrologist. If you have already started employment, please submit your application ASAP

Documents needed to complete the application can be submitted when available (ie. diploma, degree, etc.).

Articling Milestones

Orientation to Agrology Workshop

This workshop is the first milestone. It introduces professionalism and ethics, the role of legislation and bylaws, and how SIA regulates the profession.

Attend 1 Provincial Annual Convention

The SIA convention is held in March/April each year. There are sessions mandatory for articling agrologists. This gives agrologists insights into the requirements of a professional and provides opportunities to ask questions about the role of the SIA.

Attend 1 Provincial AGM

The provincial annual general meeting (AGM) is held during the convention. The SIA Provincial Council report on the activities and plans of the SIA. All licensed agrologists are entitled to vote.

Attend 2 Branch Events

Regional branch events are held throughout the year in locations around the province. These are opportunities to network, stay connected with the SIA, and gain continuing professional development (CPD) hours.

Attend 1 Branch AGM

The branch annual general meeting (AGM) is an opportunity to learn how a regional branch operates and to voice your thoughts and ideas. All licensed agrologists are entitled to vote.

Professionalism & Ethics Course & Exam

The last milestone in the articling program is to complete the Professionalism & Ethics course & exam. Agrologists are required to achieve a grade of 70% or greater before they can apply for the full PAg or TechAg designation.

Applying for Full Membership

Once all milestones are complete:

Articling Agrologists are eligible for full membership as a Professional Agrologist (PAg), or Technical Agrologist (TechAg)

The application form can be found online here.