Provincial Council

The Institute’s Provincial Council is responsible for the strategic and professional direction of the Institute, within guidelines of The Agrologists Act and the Administrative & Regulatory Bylaws. It establishes priorities, has oversight of the Institute’s activities and oversees the budget. It is focused on strategic issues and provides guidance to the President, President-Elect and senior management.


Robyn Morley PAg
Synergy Ag


David McKerchar PAg

Public Rep

Maurice Berry

Farming Rep

Timothy Nerbas PAg
NRG Farms

Public Rep

Jake Berg

Yorkton Branch Councilor

Lyse Boisvert PAg
Ducks Unlimited Canada

Technical Agrologist Rep

Amy Grindheim TechAg
Simplot Grower Solutions

Regina Branch Councilor

Sherri Roberts
SK Ministry of Agriculture

Northwest Branch Councilor

Dena Delday PAg
Millennium Land

Southwest Branch Councilor

Cierra Wallington PAg

Saskatoon Branch Councilor

Adam Berenik PAg
Boehringer Ingelheim

Rep, College of AgBio, U of S

Dr. Trever Crowe P.Eng, PAg
College of Agriculture & Bioresources

Northeast Branch Councillor


Commitment of Councilors

The Provincial Council, its committees, and working groups meet throughout the year. Members of the Provincial Council are expected to make themselves available, to fulfill council responsibilities which include the requirement to meet on 4 to 6 occasions each year. Business may be conducted by email and virtual conference (phone and video conferencing).

Elected members of the Council are entitled to reimbursement for expenses based on provincial government rates.

Nomination Process
  1. Ensure the nominee is willing to stand
  2. Complete the appropriate nomination form
  3. Submit the following by February 28:
    • Completed nomination form including five supporting signatures of members in good standing and supporting signature of the nomineeRecent digital photo of the nominee
    • Recent digital photo of the nominee
Eligibility of Councilors

To be considered as an elected candidate for a Provincial Council position you must be in the year of the nomination and for the two prior years:

  • In good standing as a member of the Institute
  • Not have been convicted of a criminal offense or under investigation for an alleged offense
  • Not be an un-discharged bankrupt
  • Not be under investigation for, or have any record of discipline for, misconduct or incompetence in accordance with the Act
  • Be a resident of Saskatchewan

Note: All the current Provincial Council members are eligible for nomination, except the current President and President-Elect.

Past Executives

Provincial Council Presidents
1946-47 James B. Harrington, PAg
1947-48 James B. Harrington, PAg
1948-49 Wallace A. Thomson, PAg
1949-50 Stewart F. Shields, PAg & Arthur W. McArton, PAg
1950-51 John Walker, PAg
1951-52 Walter D. Brice, PAg
1952-53 Greville B. Harrison, PAg
1953-54 Bryce J. Sallans, PAg
1954-55 E.V. McCurdy, PAg
1955-56 Ira K. Mumford, PAg
1956-57 Edward M. Campbell, PAg
1957-58 Donald A. Rennie, PAg
1958-59 Douglas R. Knott, PAg
1959-60 Thomas R. Melville-Ness, PAg
1960-61 John T. Kyle, PAg
1961-62 Philip E. Polischuk, PAg
1962-63 Charles M. Williams, PAg
1963-64 W. Earl Johnson, PAg
1964-65 A. James Webster, PAg
1965-66 Bernard P. Goplen, PAg
1966-67 Michael J. Fitzgerald, PAg
1967-68 Allan D. McLeod, PAg
1968-69 R. Keith Downey, PAg
1969-70 John A. Peck, PAg
1970-71 Mark R. Kilcher, PAg
1971-72 Bruce D. Owen, PAg
1972-73 John L. Drew, PAg
1973-74 John G. Braidek, PAg
1974-75 Stanley E. Beacom, PAg
1975-76 Arthur A. Guitard, PAg
1976-77 Herbert R. Clark, PAg
1977-78 Hugh H. Nicholson, PAg
1978-79 Norman R. Bray, PAg
1979-80 Kenneth E. Bowren, PAg
1980-81 Thomas Lawrence, PAg
1981-82 H. Ross Kingdon, PAg
1982-83 J. Leslie Henry, PAg
1983-84 Frederick E. Fulton, PAg

1984-85 Douglas M. England, PAg
1985-86 G. Wayne Hanna, PAg
1986-87 Stewart D. Adam, PAg
1987-88 William E.Hunt, PAg
1988-89 Charles W. Carlson, PAg
1989-90 Bruce A. Hobin, PAg
1990-91 Robert E. Morgan, PAg
1991-92 Ronald H. Witherspoon, PAg
1992-93 Kenneth G. Stoner, PAg
1993-94 Roy G. Button, PAg
1994-95 Brenda R. Machin, PAg
1995-96 Philip H. England, PAg
1996-97 Judith L. Dyck, PAg
1997-98 Richard V. Koller, PAg
1998-99 Barry R.Peterson, PAg
1999-00 Bryan R. Doig, PAg
2000-01 Frederick Holm, PAg
2001-02 David R. Gabruch, PAg
2002-03 Bernard H. Sonntag, PAg
2003-04 R. James Birch, PAg
2004-05 George G. Pearson, PAg
2005-06 George A. Lewko, PAg
2006-07 Laurie M. Hayes, PAg
2007-08 Patricia L. Flaten, PAg
2008-09 Doug Cameron, PAg
2009-10 Bob Tyler, PAg
2010-11 Tara Kennedy, PAg
2011-13 Craig Smith, PAg
2013-15 Shankar Das, PAg
2015-17 David Cubbon PAg
2017-19 Blair McClinton PAg
2019-21 Dwayne Summuch PAg
2021-2023 Dale Smart PAg


Honourary Secretaries

1960 Bryce J. Sallans, PAg
1960-65 James L. Bolton, PAg
1965-66 Ernest N. Larter, PAg
1966-68 J. E. Ross Greenshields, PAg
1968-70 Bernard P. Goplen, PAg
1970-74 Douglas R. Knott, PAg
1974-75 Stephen R. Burkell, PAg
1975-77 Bernard P. Goplen, PAg
1977-79 Stephen R. Burkell, PAg
1979-82 Mark R. Kilcher, PAg
1982-86 Robert H.D. Phillips, PAg
1986-87 Douglas H. Grant, PAg
1987-91 Gilbert H. Wesson, PAg
1991-93 H. Ross Kingdon, PAg
1993-97 Frederick E. Fulton, PAg
1997-00 Charles W. Carlson, PAg
2000-05 Douglas England, PAg
2005-08 Sandra Shiels, PAg


1946 J. B. O’Neil, PAg
1947-52 James L. Bolton, PAg
1952-54 R. Brian How, PAg
1954-57 J.E. Ross Greenshield, PAg
1957-64 Ernest N. Larter, PAg
1964-74 Stephen R. Burkell, PAg
1974-76 Thomas R. Melville-Ness, PAg
1977-78 Rose Melville-Ness
1978-81 Lloyd G. Putnam, PAg
1981-86 Norman R. Bray, PAg
1989-92 Wayne W. Gamble, PAg
1993-04 Glenden W. Hass, PAg
2004-07 Bruce A. Hobin, PAg
2007-12 Leslie A. McLean, PAg
2012-19 Allan N. Scholz, PAg
2019- current Valerie Pearson PAg

Provincial Council Incorporators of the Institute 1945-46
C. Fred Bentley PAg
John B. Campbell PAg
Clifford S. Chapman PAg
Erle E. Eisenhauer PAg
James B. Harrington PAg
William L. Jacobson PAg
Peter J. Janzen PAg
Roy E. McKenzie PAg
Thomas C. Vanterpool PAg
Institute Charter Members - June 3, 1946
Allan, J. F.
Andal, M. E.
Anderson, L. J.
Anderson, R. H.
Arnason, A. P.
Arnold, R. F.
Auld, F. H.
Baker, W. B.
Barber, S. A.
Barlow, B. C. (Nee Myrick)
Bayes, J. M.
Beaton, E. M.
Bell, L. G.
Bentley, C. F.
Bibbey, R. O.
Bisal, F.
Blacklock, J. R.
Bolton, J. L.
Boucher, W. H.
Brice, W. D.
Bristol, O. P.
Brockelbank, E. E.
Brown, W. W.
Buckner, J. F.
Budd, A.C.
Buglass, E.
Burton, G. L.
Campbell, E. M.
Campbell, J. B.
Champlin, N.
Chapman, C. S.
Chapman, H. E.
Chappell, C.H.
Charnetski, J.
Chepil. W. S.
Clark, H. R.
Clark, J. I.
Clark, R
Clarke, E.
Clarke, S. E.
Clayton, J. S.
Coles, J. H.
Cook, O. A.
Cooper, R. H.
Cowan, R. H.
Cunningham, K. H.
Davidson, J. G.
Dodge, O. G.
Doughty, J. L.
Dumais, A.
Eisenhauer, E. E.
Evans, E. H.
Ewert, W. A.
Ficht, J. P.
Fidlar, D. G.
Forsaith, T. S.
Forshaw, R. P.
Foster, J. R.
Freeden, F. J. H.
Freeman, T. H.
Friesen, H. A.
Frizzel, J. K.
Gerrie, H.
Gilmer, W. E.
Gilmour, G. B.
Graham, V. E.
Grinder, M. (Nee Van Haelem)
Gross, R. A.
Hammersley, A. S.
Hanna, H. S.
Hanson, J. O.
Hardy, E. A.
Harrington, J. B.
Harris, W. N.
Harrison, G. B.
Hartnett, M. E.
Hassett, A. A.
Heinrichs, D. H.
Hitchcock, F. C.
Hodgson, G. C.
Holmes, V. B.
Horner, W. H.
Hudek, E. P.
Hutcheon, W. L.
Hutchison, L. J.
Jacobson, W. L.
Janzen, P. J.
Janzen, W. K.
Jenkins, B. C.
Kacsmar, W. F. A.
Kerr, W. L.
Kilcher, N. R.
Kirk, A. A.
Kirk, D. L.
Kirk, L. E.
Knowles, R. P.
Korven, N. A.
Larson, R. I. (Miss)
Learmonth, C. M.
Ledingham, G. F.
Ledingham, R. J.
Lehane, J. J.
Lewis, H. A.
Mann, H. H .M.
Martens, E. A.
McBean, D. S.
McClelland, J. E.
McCurdy, E. V.
McDonald, H.
McIver, R. N.
McKenzie, R. E.
McLean, A.
McMorrin, W.
McPhail, H. D.
McPherson, A.
McRae, K. B.
Meikle, A.
Merryweather, W. R.
Milne, R. A.
Mitchell, J.
Molberg, E. S.
Moore, H. W.
Moss, H.C.
Munro, A. D.
Murphy, B.F.
Murray, B. E. (Miss)
Neilson, J. D.
Nelson, N. A.
Obodiak, J.
Oddie, W. I.
Ogilvie, A. E.
Ogilvie, L. M.
Olafson, E. A.
O’Neil, J. B.
Park, A. G.
Parker, J. S.
Parkinson, W. R.
Paul, L. C.
Pavlychenko, T. K.
Peters, H. F.
Platt, A. W.
Racine, G. E.
Rae, W. J.
Rayner, J. G.
Reed, P. E.
Robinson, D. R.
Rogers, J. T.
Rugg, A. J.
Russell, R. C.
Sackville, E.C.
Schalin, E.
Schmidt, R.A.
Schroer, F.W.
Shevkenek, W.
Shields, S.F.
Simpson, C.J.
Smith, J.E.
Snell, F.A.
Stalwick, L.M.
Staniforth, D. W.
Stutt, R. A.
Thode, W. L.
Thomson, A. M.
Thomson, E. E.
Thomson, L. B.
Thomson, W. A.
Thomson, W. W.
Tollefson, T. S.
Turnbull, J. S.
Van Vliet, H.
Van Haerlem, W. A.
Vanterpool, T. C.
Varey, J. M.
Vigor, S. H.
Walker, J.
Walker, W. E.
Wall, A. (Miss)
Warder, F. G.
Wells, S. A.
Wenhardt, A.
Whewell, E. F.
White, W. J.
Whitehouse, J.
Wilson, W. M.