Articling Program

An individual entering either the Professional Agrologist or Technical Agrologist membership stream must start as an articling member and complete a variety of milestones before registration as a full member.

The purpose of the articling program is to ensure that members understand the role of a professional, the importance of the Institute, and to provide opportunities to meet full members for mentorship and networking purposes. This strengthens an articling member’s understanding of professionalism and ethics as it relates to agrology.

Every articling member will be given an Articling Journal which explains the milestones steps at the “orientation to agrology” workshop. Articling members cannot commence the milestones until they have done the following:

  • Paid the registration fees and
  • Attended the “orientation to agrology” workshop

Articling Milestones

Attend a compulsory “orientation to agrology” workshop as the first step in the articling process, held monthly in either Saskatoon or Regina. The dates will be posted weekly in the Agrology Update Memo sent every Friday.

  • Attend at least two (2) Branch Activities* (Branch Annual General Meetings are NOT considered Branch Activities)
  • Attend one (1) Branch Annual General Meeting*
  • Attend one (1) Provincial Annual Convention – there will be a session that will be mandatory for articling members
  • Attend one (1) Provincial Annual General Meeting
  • Start to report Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours using the CPD Tracker.
  • Complete the online Professionalism & Ethics online – contact the Provincial Office to get access to this last step. 
    • You have 60 days to complete the online Professionalism & Ethics Course and Final Exam. Anyone who does not achieve a passing grade of 70% or greater will be required to take the course again and incur any additional expenses along with it.
  • Report three (3) years of relevant work experience, in your self-declared area of professional practice, in a resume or biography.

Once ALL milestones listed above have been completed and the articling agrologist has received a passing grade for the online Professionalism & Ethics exam,  articling agrologists MUST submit a Full Member request to the provincial office. 

    * Does not have to be your primary branch

    Description of Milestones

    Orientation to Agrology Workshop

    The first step in the articling program is the “orientation to agrology” workshop, which is a face-to-face ½-day workshop that will introduce professionalism & ethics, the role of the legislation, bylaws and policy and how the Institute regulates the profession. This milestone has to be done first in order for the others to be recognized. The workshop will also prepare articling members to understand the other milestones of Branch Events and attending the Annual General Meetings. The workshop will be offered monthly, in both Saskatoon and Regina. The dates will be posted weekly in the Agrology Update Memo sent every Friday.

    Provincial Annual Convention & Annual General Meeting

    The Annual Convention and AGM is held in early spring. During the convention in addition to ample continuing professional development (CPD) hours, networking with other professionals, interaction with guest speakers – an Annual General Meeting is held where provincial council reports to and seeks guidance/approval from the membership regarding activities or issues on the organization. Agrologists in good standing are entitled to vote.

    Articling Milestone Ethics Workshop

    The Articling Milestone Ethics workshop gives articling agrologists insights into the role of a professional and opportunities to ask questions about the articling program and the role of the Institute. Online workshops take place throughout the year.  Contact the SIA office for the schedule.

    Branch Activities & Branch AGM

    Branch activities are held throughout the year in various locations, around the province. These events provide opportunities to network with other members, stay connected with the Institute and gain continuing professional development (CPD). A Branch AGM is an opportunity to learn how each of the branches are operated and to voice your thoughts and ideas. All members are entitled to vote during branch business meetings.

    Professionalism and Ethics Course & Exam

    The last step in the articling program is to complete the Professionalism & Ethics Course and achieve a satisfactory rating of 70% or greater before being granted the PAg or TechAg designation.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    CPD ensures members acquire the knowledge and skills, necessary to be current and up-to-date in their scope of practice. Articling members are required to maintain their competency by reporting a minimum of 105 hours of professional development over a 3-year period or an average of 35 hours per year. CPD hours must be submitted online using the CPD Tracker no later than December 31 of each year.

    Note: All agrologists are required to report 35 hours per year or 105 hours over the most recent continuous three-year period of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).