Honours and Awards

Distinguished Agrologist Award

Open to all active Professional Agrologists (PAg) and Technical Agrologists (TechAg).

The Distinguished Agrologists Award may be presented to a Saskatchewan agrologist for professional distinction associated with outstanding service and worthy contributions to agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment.

Outstanding Young Agrologist Award

Open to all active Professional Agrologists (PAg) and Technical Agrologists (TechAg) under 40.

Presented to a young Saskatchewan agrologist under the age of 40 who has provided outstanding service and made worthy contributions to agriculture, bioresources, food, or the environment.

Recognition Award

Open to all Active Members.

Presented to a Saskatchewan agrologists who has rendered special service or made a significant contribution to the betterment of the Institute and profession.

Honourary Life Membership

Open to any non-member without the qualifications necessary for registration.

An Honourary Life Membership may be presented out of respect and in recognition of Saskatchewan achievements in and service to agriculture, bioresources, food, or the environment, but without the usual prerequisites, duties, or obligations of membership contained in The Agrologists Act and the Institute’s Bylaws.

Agrology Excellence (AGEX) Award

Open to any organization.

Presented to organizations, agencies or businesses in recognition of outstanding contribution to agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment in Saskatchewan by providing professional services of Professional Agrologists and Technical Agrologists.

Nomination Process

  1. Download the desired nomination form above.
  2. Fill out and submit the following to info@sia.sk.ca by February 28th.
    • Completed Nomination Form
    • Supporting letters of recommendation

2021 Award Winners

Outstanding Young Agrologist Award

Elliott Hildebrand PAg

As a professional agrologist, Elliott continues to further his knowledge to provide the best advice and course of action for his customers. He continues to learn to gain a deeper understanding on soil health as it relates to inputs of crop nutrients. Elliott is always ready to take on new objectives and challenges with an extreme amount of enthusiasm. His focus is to enhance and improve the services he delivers to all relevant stakeholders. His work ethic, honesty and sense of duty to the company, co-workers and clients is outstanding and matched only by few in the industry. As a volunteer, he served in a variety of roles on the SIA NW Branch including the Publicity and Communications Chair, Director of Branch Scholarships, and President.

Recognition Award

Blair McClinton PAg

In the early years of his career, Blair worked as the Regional Soil Conservation Agrologist for the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association Inc. and in later years would fill the roles of Assistant Manager and Executive Manager. He dedicated himself to the promotion of conservation agriculture systems in Saskatchewan and beyond to the prairies of North America – in Saskatchewan, he is known as the “man who laid the foundations for zero-tillage”. As an avid volunteer, he was actively involved with the SIA and held a variety of roles with the Northwest Branch, Regina Branch and Provincial Council where he was President from 2017 to 2019. Blair is currently the Farm Segment Director with SGI Canada in Regina.

Distinguished Agrologist Award

Kevin Hursh PAg

Kevin is an agrologist, journalist and farmer, and one of the country’s leading agricultural commentators. As the “trusted voice of agriculture,” he is the go-to media and communications expert. Annually, he is asked to speak, moderator, or host at scores of agricultural conferences and conventions across Western Canada. Kevin is proud to be an agrologist and has been registered with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists for more than 40 years. He set the bar for excellence in agricultural reporting across the nation and his hard work and dedication have won him many honours and awards over the years.

Distinguished Agrologist Award

(presented posthumously)
Richard Szwydky PAg

Early in his career, Richard worked as a Soil Conservation Agrologist with the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association, conducting numerous agronomic presentations and training events. He assisted in the development of soil conservation extension materials, programs, news publications and conducted research trials. In 2006 Rich was hired by the Saskatoon Co-op Agro Division where he continued to share his knowledge and expertise with local producers to ensure their farms were profitable and sustainable. He was integral in building the crop inputs business that we have come to know today which included a relocation of operations and expansion of facilities. Richard’s passion for Agriculture also extended to the family farm at Blaine Lake where he farmed until his unexpected passing in November 2020. His dedication, work ethic and knowledge, paired with his genuine kind-hearted nature is deeply missed by his family, colleagues, and customers.

Honourary Life Membership

Murad Al-Katib

Murad Al-Katib is the President, CEO, and Board member of AGT Food and Ingredients, one of the largest suppliers of value-added pulses, staple foods, and food ingredients in the world. The company buys lentils, peas, beans and chickpeas from farmers around their 40 plus facilities and ships products to over 120 countries around the globe. Thirteen of these facilities are located in Saskatchewan. Not only is Murad a savvy businessman, but he is also a passionate advocate of Canadian agriculture and speaks extensively on the opportunities and challenges facing Canada’s agriculture sector. AGT Food and Ingredients has strongly impacted the Saskatchewan economy and has elevated the agriculture brand in the province, in Canada, and around the world.

Agrology Excellence Award

G-Mac’s AgTeam

At G-Mac’s AgTeam, they believe knowledge is key. Their team is on top of developments in the ag industry and shares this knowledge with producers through regular events. They are proud to be an independently owned crop production company that focuses on growth. This includes growing their knowledge, hiring qualified and skilled staff that include licensed agrologists, growing their customer base, and growing their communities. They are also proud to support the communities they serve. G-Mac’s staff is proud to volunteer and support organizations across their Western Saskatchewan trade area. These strong connections to the community help them thrive as a business. Over the past twenty years, G-Mac’s AgTeam has expanded to 14 locations.

Previous Award Winners

Distinguished Agrologist Award

Kevin Hursch PAg 2021
Richard Szwydky PAg 2021 (presented Posthumously)
Robert Tyler PAg 2020
Rahulkumar Patel PAg 2019
John McKinnon, PAg 2018

Elizaveta Petelina, PAg 2018
Grant Wood, PAg 2017
Tom Wolf, PAg 2017
Lyle Cowell, PAg 2016
Roger Frey, 2015
Dave Cubbon, PAg 2013
J. Doug Fehr, PAg 2012
Paul McAllister, PAg 2012
Barry Swanson, PAg 2012
Larry White, PAg 2011
Blair McClinton, PAg 2011
Patricia L. Flaten, PAg 2010
Laurie C. Tollefson, PAg 2009
Kenneth L. Sapsford, PAg 2008
Lyle Darwent, PAg 2007
Thomas N. Weir, PAg 2007
Patrick M. Gerwing, PAg 2006
James E. Gorman, PAg 2006
Bryan L Harvey, PAg 2006
J. Craig Smith, PAg 2006
John M. Gruszka, PAg 2005
John F. Hemstad, PAg 2005
Gordon E. Hultgreen, PAg 2005
Myriam R. Fernandez, PAg 2004
Brian G. Rossnagel, PAg 2004
Kenneth A. Rosaasen, PAg 2003
Gordon G. Rowland, PAg 2002
Zoheir Abougendia, PAg 2001
A. James Webster, PAg 2001
Larry. R. Gramiak, PAg 2001
Stewart A. Brandt, PAg 2000
Bazil P. Fritz, PAg 2000
Eric N. Johnson, PAg 2000
Bruce A. Hobin, PAg 1999
Paul G. Jefferson, PAg 1999
John W. Stewart, PAg 1999
Leslie T. Bohrson, PAg 1998
Donald H. Dabbs, PAg 1997
Stuart H. Nelson, PAg 1997
Charles M. Williams, PAg 1996
Donald W.L. Read, PAg 1996
Robert E. Brack, PAg 1995
J. Leslie Henry, PAg 1995
Frederick A. Holm, PAg 1995
Kenneth G. Stoner, PAg 1995
Charles W. Carlson, PAg 1994

James W. Halford, PAg 1994
James H. Pratt, PAg 1994
Robert P. Zentner, PAg 1994
Philip J. Thair, PAg 1993
Larry Koturbash, PAg 1993
Maurice A. Delage, PAg 1993
John O. Hanson, PAg 1992
Kenneth J. Kirkland, PAg 1992
Glenden W. Hass, PAg 1991
Roy G. Button, PAg 1991
Stanley E. Beacom, PA 1990
Constantine A. Campbell, PAg 1990
Alfred E. Slinkard, PAg 1990
Donald A. Rennie, PAg 1989
Gordon E. Parker, PAg 1989
Ronald M. DePauw, PAg 1988
Kenneth E. Bowren, PAg 1988
Douglas H. Grant, PAg 1987
P. Joseph Moran, PAg 1987
John A. Peck, PAg 1987
T. Victor Beck, PAg 1986
Peter W. Petersen, PAg 1986
Harald Tangjerd, PAg 1986
James R. Jowsey, PAg 1985
Lindsay J. Boyes, PAg 1985
Jacob A. Brown, PAg 1984
Allan L. Levee, PAg 1984
Thomas Lawrence, PAg 1983
D. Stuart McBean, PAg 1982
Frank G. Warder, PAg 1981
John Y. McFaull, PAg 1979
Lloyd G. Putnam, PAg 1978
W. Earl Johnson, PAg 1977
Glenn E. Flaten, PAg 1977
C. Henry Anderson, PAg 1976
J. Ivan Clark, PAg 1976
Murdock MacKay, PAg 1976
William R. Merryweather,PAg 1974
William J. White, PAg 1974
Vivian B. Holmes, PAg 1973
W. Harold Horner, PAg 1973
Mark R. Kilcher, PAg 1973

Outstanding Young Agrologist Award

Elliott Hildebrand PAg 2021

Joel Peru PAg 2020
Chad Bohachewski PAg 2019
Katelyn Duncan, PAg 2018

Errin Willenborg, PAg 2018
Bennie Dunhin, PAg 2017
Nadia Mori, PAg 2016
Chris Holzapfel, PAg 2014
Jenifer Heyden, PAg 2013
Michael Champion, PAg 2012
Kara & Wade Annand, PAg 2011
Shanna D. Stolhandske-Dale, PAg 2010
Trevor B. Lennox, PAg 2009
Melanie S. Boldt, PAg 2007

Kari L. Nicolas, PAg 2006
Timothy A. Nerbas, PAg 2004
Barbara Stefanyshyn-Coté, PAg 2003
Jeffrey J. Schoenau, PAg 2002
David J. Struthers, PAg 2001
Juanita A. Polegi, PAg 2000
Adrian M. Johnston, PAg 1999

Recognition Award

Blair McClinton PAg 2021
Grant Wood PAg 2020
Carol Ann Paterson PAg 2019
Chad Bohachewski, PAg 2018

Graham Scoles, PAg 2018
George Lewko, PAg 2017
Barry Rapp, PAg 2016
Sandra Shiels, PAg 2015
Laurie Hayes, PAg 2014
Richard V. Koller, PAg 2005
Glenden W. Hass, PAg 2004
Barry R. Peterson, PAg 2002
Bryan R. Doig, PAg 2001
Brenda R. Machin, PAg 2000
Philip H. England, PAg 1999
Roy E. McKenzie, PAg 1995
C. Fred Bentley, PAg 1995
Richard E. Armstrong, Pag 1994
John F. Hickie, PAg 1988
Frederick E. Fulton, PAg 1986
G. Edward Padbury, PAg 1984
Mark R. Kilcher, PAg 1981
James R. Martin, PAg 1981
Robert J. Sparling, PAg 1981
Hugh H. Nicholson, PAg 1980
J.E. Ross Greenshields, PAg 1979
Allan D. McLeod, PAg 1977
William K. Janzen, PAg 1975
Stephen R. Burkell, PAg 1974
Roy E. McKenzie, PAg 1973

Honourary Life Membership

Murad Al-Katib 2021
Dorothy Long 2020
Adele Buettner 2019

Doyle Wiebe 2018
Mike Raine 2017

Murray Purcell 2016
David Gullacher 2014
Earl Mickelson 2011
Paul Beingessner 2008
John E Bennett 2007
John M. Clair 2007
Terry Pearse 2006
Margaret Skinner 2006
E. & M. Beauchesne 2005
Harry M. Hill 2005
Bradley A. Wildeman 2005
Neil Jahnke 2004
Dean W. Smith 2004
William M. Farley 2003
Audrey J. Horkoff 2003
D. Gaven Semple 2003
John V. Cross 2002
Zenneth K. Faye 2002
Donald J. Tait 2002
Roger Kaeding 2001
Ray Wilfing 2001
John Miller 2000
Norman Roebuck 2000
Alanna L. Koch 1999
Norman A. Flaten 1999
Noreen Johns 1998
Verna Thompson1998 1998
Frank Rempel 1998
Walter Nemanishen 1997
Ronald R. Walter 1997
Gerald M. Willerth 1997
Benjamin Dyck 1996

Edward D. Seidle 1996
Edward K. Turner 1995
Eldon R. Norum 1994
J. Milton Fair 1994
Archie Anderson 1993
Bernard H. Kirwan 1992
Boyd Anderson 1991
Lynn Biggart 1990
Leo F. Kristjanson 1989
Allan F. Smith 1988
Murray E. Smith 1988
Harold Yelland 1988
James O. Wright 1987
Donald Swenson 1985
Emerson H. Wells 1984
Glenn L. Levee 1984
Edgar Mapletoft 1984
J. Harvey Gjesdal 1983
Ernest E. Moen 1983
Carl W. Carlberg 1983
George M. Williamson 1982
Frank Deakin 1982
Harry-Jae Elder 1982
Miller A. Craig 1981
Olaf Friggstad 1981
Alec Kennedy 1981
J. William Marshall 1981
Daryl Rumble 1980
William Cooper 1979
Albert J. Porter 1978
Ernest J. How 1978
Harold C. Baker 1978
George Morris 1977

Agrologist Excellence (AGEX) Award

G-Mac’s AgTeam 2021
Sharps Crop Services 2020
Ag Grow Consulting 2019
CropPro Consulting 2018

Western Ag Professional Agronomy 2017
Pioneer Co-operative Association Ltd. 2016
Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation (IHARF) 2015
Bayer CropScience 2014
Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) 2013
Saskatchewan Conservation Learning Centre Inc. 2011
Provincial Council of ADD Boards 2010
Weyburn Inland Terminal 2009
Saskatchewan 4-H Council 2008

Farm Credit Canada 2007
Gov’t of SK – Department of Agriculture & Food 2006
Crop Development Centre 2005
DuPont Canada Inc 2004
SK Soil Conservation Association 2003
Ducks Unlimited Canada 2002
Newfield Seeds 2001