Importance of Registration

Benefits of Registration & Licensing

Main Benefit

  • Right to practice agrology and call themselves an agrologist in Saskatchewan.

Only individuals who are registered with the Institute can legally call themselves a Professional Agrologist or Technical Agrologist and/or practice agrology in Saskatchewan.


Associated Advantages

  • Indicates Professionalism to the Public – Being viewed as a professional, just as a doctor, lawyer, or chartered accountant, implies public trust in your ethics and competency.
  • Increases Eligibility of Employment – Many employers choose to only hire Agrologists, therefore membership in the Institute opens the doors of employment.
  • Provides a Professional Designation – Membership in the Institute allows the usage of the appropriate designation PAg or TechAg.
  • Transferability of Professional Status Across Canada – The ten sister Canadian provincial Institutes of agrologists regulate 10,000 Agrologists and continue to recognize designations from other provinces.
  • Ability to use the PAg Stamp as a Professional “Seal of Approval” – Professional Agrologists (PAgs) and Technical Agrologists (TechAgs) may use the Institute’s PAg/TechAg Stamp on documents as an assurance of credentials.
  • Continuing Professional Development Opportunities –The Institute provides members CPD opportunities to continually acquire new knowledge and skills, which sustains and enhances competence.
  • Networking Opportunities Amongst Peers – Peer-to-peer networking with others who work in the agriculture, bioresources, food, and environment industries strengthens your experience and service.
  • Be a Voice for the Profession – Influence agriculture, bioresources, food, and the environment decisions at the provincial and federal level through volunteer leadership positions on the Provincial Council of the Institute and other committees.

Affinity Programs

  • Once you’ve paid your professional dues, you are eligible to participate in the affinity programs, which offer discounted group rates for a variety of products and services.

Becoming a registered member of the Institute is a requirement of The Agrologists Act if you are practicing agrology in Saskatchewan. The frequency or amount of your practice is not relevant. 

The practice of Agrology is a rapidly growing and ever-expanding field that is increasingly gaining recognition and exposure among employers, governing bodies and the public. The demand for trained and competent regulated members in the practice of Agrology is growing.

The industry has recognized that professionals in agriculture, bioresources, food, and the environment are very important.

Recognition of Registration

Being a registered member of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists carries responsibility, authority, and recognition. It proves that you are compliant with the requirements of The Agrologists Act, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics & Practice of Saskatchewan.

Registration and the associated professional designation indicate that you take a professional approach to your work and career. It shows that you are accountable and responsible for the advice you provide and the work you do. It demonstrates to your clients, customers, employer, and the public that they can have confidence in your skills.