Vision & Mission

Objectives of the Institute

The Institute is focused on these objectives, as are outlined by The Agrologists Act:

  • Promoting and increasing the knowledge, skill & proficiency of its members in the practice of agrology.
  • Doing all things that may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the usefulness of agrologists to the public.
  • Protecting the public in all matters relating to the gathering, analyzing and distributing of information respecting agrology and to improve agrology services and agrology education.
  • Increasing the public assurance of the safety of the food supply, to promote the wise use of natural resources and to monitor the environment sensitivity of the agri-food industry.
  • Ensuring the proficiency and competency of agrologists.

History of the Institute

With the passing of The Agrologists Act, in 1946, the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists became a reality. Since that time it has been responsible for ensuring that all those who are practicing Agrology are competent and act in a professional manner.

The Institute was created to recognize the importance of identifying people who were trained to give scientific professional advice to instill public confidence. Under the leadership of Dr. J.B. Harrington1, the Institute defined the practice of Agrology and the activities which would be included in the scope of the profession.

Today this role is still important. The Agrologists Act continues to define the role of agrologists in today’s society.

Other Resources

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