Branch Scholarships

The Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists understands that youth are the future of our industry. To support youth in achieving their career in agrology related sectors, including agriculture, bioresources, food, or the environment, the Institute’s six branches are each awarding a scholarship of $1,000 to candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in agriculture, bioresources, food, or environment.

One recipient from each of the six SIA Branches:

    • SIA Northeast Branch Scholarship
    • SIA Northwest Branch Scholarship
    • SIA Regina Branch Greg Mitschke Memorial Scholarship
    • SIA Saskatoon Branch Scholarship
    • SIA Southwest Branch Scholarship
    • SIA Yorkton Branch Lin Boyes Memorial Scholarship

Branch Scholarships Available


Deadline: April 20, 2024









  • Presently a Saskatchewan Grade 12 high school student or recent graduate.
  • Have plans to enroll as a first-year full-time student in the fall in a post-secondary program related to agriculture, bioresources, food, or environment, which meets the eligibility requirements to apply for registration with the Institute after graduation. 
  • Must not be an immediate family member of current Institute staff or Provincial Councillors or Branch Executive members.

How to Apply: Application Requirements

  • Resume demonstrating work and volunteer activities.
  • Title page including:
    • Full name and contact information – mailing address, phone number, and email address
    • High school information – name, location, phone number, principal’s name, and email address.
    • Post-secondary information – the name of institution and program
  • Written essay (maximum of 500 words) titled “Why I’ve Chosen to Pursue a Career in Agrology”, which includes a 250-word answer to each of the following questions:
    • What challenges or opportunities will the agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment industries be facing in 5 years? 10 years? (50% of the essay).
    • What role do you wish to play in addressing the above challenges or opportunities? (50% of the essay).

Selection Process

  •  Finalists for each branch will be chosen from the essay submissions.
  • The finalists will be contacted and arrangements will be made to conduct a phone interview in May or June to discuss the content of the essay, views on agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment, and career plans.
  • A recipient from each branch will be notified by June 15 and the scholarship will be paid when the recipient is officially accepted and tuition is paid to the educational institution they are enrolled in.
  • The recipient of the scholarship will be advertised in local papers.


If successful, candidates must provide a high-resolution headshot and agree to have their name and photo included in promotional materials.

Application Submission

Submit your application by Mail or Email to:

Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists
Re: Branch Scholarship
#29, 1501 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 5J6 | (306) 242-2606